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    "The exclusive agent of Sangsangin Industry (ex-Dongnam Marine Crane) and an agent of Oriental Marine Cranes" 

    Zenith Marinetech Ltd is a Marine Crane Engineering Company based in Korea, specializing in design, maintenance, service and after-sales support of marine cranes.

    The latest has signed an exclusive agency agreement with Sangsangin Industry (ex-Dongnam Marine Crane) and an agency agreement with Oriental concerning their cranes in terms of both service and distribution of equipment and parts.

    Zenith Marinetech Ltd has established worldwide branches in China, Turkey, Singapore, India and recently in Greece.

    Zenith MarineTech Greece is member of Internaftiki Group and responsible to cover the Greek Shipping Market. The company has workshop facilities and skilled service engineers capable of undertaking any service jobs onsite and on board vessels. 

    Feel free to contact Zenith MarineTech Greece 24/7

    Zenith MarineTech Greece
    6, Alipedou Str. Piraeus 185 31, Greece
    TEL : +30 216 200 9555 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • Zenith Marinetech Ltd keep records of spare part supplies for the cranes of each vessel, facilitating the owners to keep control of the cranes’ parts and inventory. A sample spare part supply record file is attached

    • Zenith Marinetech Ltd has developed spare part order books for each crane model, initially for Dongnam and later for Oriental Cranes. The spare part books are very detailed, with exploded views and 3D pictures of all the components.

      By using the spare part order books, you may send inquiries or order directly any parts you may need to replace.

      Zenith Marinetech offers genuine parts at competitive prices.

    • Zenith Marinetech has developed a 3D Crane modeling tool which allows ship's operators and superintendent engineers to have a clear vision of the Crane. This online tool offers the ability to identify every part with full discription (ie name, part no).

      Using the 3D Crane modeling tool you are able to identify the defective part and simply order it with one click.

    • Zenith Marinetech Ltd has developed special maintenance and troubleshooting technical manuals for Marine Cranes.

      Ship's crew can take advantage of these manuals, for self-testing and checking of the condition of the cranes and decide on further preventive actions if necessary.

      in addition self-troubleshooting is allot easier, giving specific instructions on what has to be checked, depending on the problem and facilitating the ship operators to resolve it.

    Internaftiki AEBE - Tel: +30 210 4126997                                                                                                                                    powered by