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Internaftiki offers annual and 5-year periodic services and tests on Lifeboats, rescue boats, release gears and launching appliance systems, in compliance with the international requirements of the latest SOLAS III, REG 20.11.


At the IMO MSC89 in May 2011, it was decided to implement new requirements for lifeboats with on-load release hooks - “Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems” (LRRS). Existing release and retrieval systems that do not comply will have to be replaced at the first scheduled dry-docking after 1st of July 2014, but not later than 1st of July 2019.


Internaftiki performs load test and re-certification on lifting appliances, in conjunction with its approved owned load testing equipment, such as waterbags, load cells etc.


Internaftiki performs annual and 5-year inspection and tests on accommodation ladders and Gangways in accordance with the latest SOLAS regulations and class requirements. Operating with its owned load testing equipment, such as watebags etc, the company undertakes load test on accommodation ladders and gangways for up to 10tons.


Internaftiki undertakes the brake holding capacity tests on mooring winches at the required intervals and in conjunction with its own testing equipment.

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