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Flexball specialises in the production of flexible and sliding cables. They are made by a central blade which runs on balls. Flexball cable is characterized by the green colour of its conduit.

The materials used for marine applications, the nubs will be in brass and the rods in stainless steel. The inner blades are in stainless steel for all applications. The Flexball cable has a long life and it isn’t affected by temperature variation. It requires neither lubrication nor maintenance and it is suitable for arctic climates.

Push pull cables
Push pull cables transmit input loads with low friction loss. The wide range of possibilities available offers variations in the types of conduit as well as in the wire.

Main feature of push-pull cables is the flexibility with which they can be suit in a lot of application fields. They can be used in the agricultural, industrial, marine and in automotive field.
Principally, a push-pull cable is made by an external conduit, a wire which slides inside the conduit and by two ending parts that allow to joint the cable on its extremities.

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