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Flexible mechanical control systems have a classic and functional design, with small dimensions, and with a simple and comfortable knob.
The complete mechanism is located under the dashboard and is equipped with safety inteRlock between accelerator and inverter, as well as an adjustable clutch on both levers.

The double armed internal lever allows to connect in series the two stations.
Control levers are available in two different versions:

with polished and chromate levers and body
with black varnished body and opaque chromate levers


  • Of extremely sturdy construction marine materials, these single lever systems are available in different models covering all needs for engine, control on both pleasure boats and working boats with high-powered engine, including those fitted with an electrically-controlled hydraulic clutch.
    All the models can be single or twin.

    Single lever control of both light clutch and throttle operation.
    Engine starting and warm-up (at neutral) by push button placed in the lever hub.

    Power Stroke
    Throttle operation: up to max 80 mm.
    Clutch operation: from min. 62 mm to max 79 mm (precise and continuous adjustment by means of a slot on the internal lever) precise.

    Extremely smooth bearings and bushings in sintered brass-no plastic parts used.

    Chromium-plated or black varnished top cover.
    Chromium-plated lever. Red knob and red push button for starting (on demand, black are also available).

    Push-Pull Cables
    First version-conventional type (wire) with M5 or M6 thread.
    Second version-extremely smooth Flexball type 70 moving on balls with M6 thread.

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