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Yoowon Industries Co LTD is a manufacturing company where processing has been based on accumulated technology and experience in design for 30 years. Since its inauguration, Yoowon Industries has been producing and supplying high quality steering gears, filters, diverse deck machines and fin stabilizers to major ship building companies.

Moreover all products are produced with the highest standards for all ship classifications such as A.B.S, D.N.V, L.R, GL, B.V. and K.R. Yoowon Industries Co Ltd assures its customers, through continual development and stringent quality control, that it is not simply satisfied with what it has done so far, but will continue to supply the worlds best products.

1.Steering Gear

Yoowon Industries Co Ltd supplies many kinds of steering gears such as ram types, pistons types, rotary vane type, as well as steering gears foe VLCC (DWT 442_500) – which boasts a 1,021 ton-m maximum weight, and a 45 degree rotation capacity. We have many years of experience and apply advanced technology to all our designs for all applications from heavy ships through to small vessels. Additionally Yoowon Industries Co Ltd produces steering gears for warships based on US Navy specifications (US – Mi  Spec.)

2.Filters, Separator

Yoowon Industries Co Ltd filter, which are used on ships and in land based industries, are used to clean many types of fluids such as lube oil, fuel oil, liquid chemicals, gasoline, industrial waste water and in atomic energy equipment, in particular, Yoowon Industries Co Ltd automatic filters apply Notch Wire Element technology to automatically back- flush fuel oil and tube oil to keep engines and power generators working at peek performance. Yoowon Industries Co Ltd Notch Wire Element filters are manufactured so that semi- permanent fluid extraction is possible with only periodic maintenance. To remove moisture contained in industrial lube oils and gasoline our separator removes contaminants such as dust by applying the filter in the first stage then removing moisture effectively with the separator in a second stage.

3.Deck Machinery

Yoowon Industries Co Ltd has been manufacturing several types of deck machines including motor and hydraulic windlasses, mooring winches, towing winches and capstans for many years based on advanced technology. Yoowon Industries Co Ltd equipment is highly regarded within the merchant ship and naval warship industries, as the equipment is designed for outstanding performance and ease maintenance. 


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