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Maritime Enterprise Solution
“Smart Ship©” is a business intelligence mobile platform that gathers data directly from ship and can provide 24/7 tracking and monitoring through applications and smart alerts. It has a modular concept and therefore can be adapted to the required range of activities, including, Vessel status, Performance & Consumption, Technical Ship Management, Crew Management, MIS, Staff directory, Automated Document management, Dry Docking and Procurement.

Ship Owners & Ship Operators therefore will be able to increase asset utilization while optimizing business through Smart Alerts for any deviation.

Furthermore, Smart Ship© Automation suit will enable shipowners to monitor performance of main ship machinery under respective sailing conditions in order to efficiently operate their vessels. 

Smart Ship© is inexpensive and integrates easily with ERP platforms or legacy software systems each company uses. Owner’s cost of Smart Ship© is very competitive compared to other similar products in the market. 


  • Maritime Enterprise Solution
  • Fleet Status 
  • Business Dashboard
  • Maritime Personnel
  • Inspection & Checklist
  • Daily Consumption Update
  • Smart Ship IOT Services
  • Document Management Platform

For more information about Smart Ship© capabilities and services, pls visit


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