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Internaftiki offers complete project management for both new building and retrofit projects. The company can propose the right system for a particular vessel and complete the commercial transaction covering all technical aspects.

Furthermore, Internaftiki and its authorised service engineers can also undertake and complete the installation and commissioning of such systems. Prompt after sales service and available spare parts in stock are also offered by the company.

In addition, the company has long experience and provides with full service and repair works on older equipment produced by Vosper Thornykroft, Naiad marine, and Koopnautic respectively. Finally, Internaftiki has successfully completed services and upgrades on other manufacturer stabilizers such as: ABT, TRAC, SEIMENS, QUANTUM, CMC and many others

  • Internaftiki has performed numerous conversions and can convert your system accordingly.

    You won’t believe the difference!

    Naiad Dynamics offers stabilizer control conversion kits to easily retrofit our MultiSea II or DATUM controller to any existing HMG controlled NAIAD stabilizer system. For other stabilizer brands, the company offers conversion kits to obtain vastly improved performance from existing fin equipment and to add control system reliability and long-term support. The kits, normally stocked and ready for immediate delivery, are pre-packaged including all necessary parts, adapters, brackets, fittings, hardware, etc. for a complete conversion.

  • The benefits of the advanced electronic MultiSea II and DATUM control systems have been proven in operation on hundreds of yachts the world over. Benefits include three-term stabilization of roll angle, roll rate and roll acceleration including correction of static and near-static heel, as might be experienced in following seas, and rudder-induced heel during a turn. The operator enjoys extended capability to customize, configure and adjust sensitivity of the control for optimum system performance in the widest possible spectrum of sea conditions and through all headings.

    No other controller matches the combination of high performance, ease of installation and practical operator-friendly operation.

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